Monopoly Electricity is Yesterday’s Failure 

Competition is the Future

About Us

A project of the Pacific Research Institute, the Energy Reality Report provides news and analysis on policy, market and technology trends that affect our nation’s ability to power American homes and businesses with reliable low-cost energy.

Healthy, competitive electricity markets – unlike monopoly structures – empower energy users, promote reliability, inspire new and more efficient technologies, and encourage new innovative entrants to promote additional competition.

The importance of implementing the right regulatory structure will grow as the demand for electricity power increases and policymakers consider the necessary grid modernizations. Our mission is to provide a solid, factual foundation and ongoing analyses to help educate regulators, lawmakers and the public on these important policies.

Our Core Principles

Most Americans want electricity that will deliver energy cost savings, innovation, and environmental benefits; competition secures these outcomes more effectively and quickly than monopoly models. Choice and competition among energy providers are important energy policy priorities that will help reduce costs, reduce emissions, increase reliability, and encourage technological innovation. Competitive markets are reliable markets.

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